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There are different services we provide that are part of the SEO process.  If you have any questions that arise while reading our services page please contact us at 1-866-736-5478, we'll be happy to answer any SEO related question you may have.

Our service packages depend on the level of service you´re looking for. We make entry level packages very affordable, this allows smaller companies as well as those skeptical of this industry to start with very little risk.

SEO Plan/Packages SEO Package A SEO Package B SEO Package C SEO Package D

Number of Keywords

30 keywords

75 keywords

150 keywords

300 keywords

Number of Links per month

100 links

225 links

500 links

1200 links

Number of Employees

1 resource

2 resources

3 resources

4 resources

Price per month

$ 600

$ 1000

$ 2000

$ 4000

There's a lot that goes into our SEO Programs. Read about our Onsite and Offsite Optimization Strategies to find out more.

Organic SEO and Network Creation - This service creates a network of micro-websites optimized for different sets of keywords in order to attract more traffic to your network and thus to your business. By operating a network of micro-websites, you’ll increase your web traffic and thus your customer base.

SEO Content Writing- This service creates original website content designed to optimize your website to increase your ranking on major search engines such as Google. We balance the needs of your business with those of your customers to create engaging content optimized for search.

Website Translation & Localisation - This service translates your website into one or more other languages in order to make your content available to a larger, global audience. Our translators work with your content to adapt it to the languages they translate into.

Specialized Research, Ghostwriting and Editing - This service provides original writing for books, articles, websites, press releases and other documents. We can also edit your own existing content to make changes and improvements. We use expert master writers to produce engaging, targeted content for your specific needs.

Business and Marketing Plans - This service uses industry experts and MBAs to create, edit, analyze, or review a business plan for your company. This service can include original research and writing as well as targeting your plan to specific audiences.

Website Consultation - We've consulted with individuals and companies that are serious about website promotion and acquisition. We know what works and can make it work for you.

SEO Services Toronto
SEO Services Toronto
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Sem Vancouver
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